Changing Global Perceptions: Child Protection & Bodily Integrity

14th International Symposium – #GA2016
Keele University, 14–16 September 2016

Genital Autonomy exists as a charity to promote, preserve and protect the health and well-being of male, female and intersex children by protecting them from unnecessary genital surgery or modification; and to promote the human rights of children in relation to genital surgery or modification as set out in the UN Convention on the Rights Of the Child throughout the world.

The 14th International Symposium – Changing Global Perceptions: Child Protection & Bodily Integrity is being held at Keele University, organised by the International Committee of the charity Genital Autonomy. The three days are themed and we have invited speakers who are professionals and well-known in their fields to address these themes, expanding on new developments and taking issues surrounding genital autonomy forward.

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Symposium Programme
(subject to change)

Day One | Wednesday, 14 September 2016
Child Protection, Law and Ethics
Introduced and chaired by Prof Michael Thomson

10.50 Conference starts. Formal opening.

11.00 – ‘An update from down under.’
Paul Mason Barrister, Australia.

11.40 – Child protection. (Staffordshire Safeguarding Board).

12.20 – Lunch.

1.30 – Legal developments and strategies for change.
Prof Michael Thomson School of Law, University of Leeds.

2.10 – Genital Alteration: Towards More Empirical, Ethical and Effective Policies.
Dr Rebecca Steinfeld Visiting Research Fellow, Centre of the Body,
Goldsmiths, University of London

2.50 – Bodily integrity, embodiment and the regulation of parental choice.
Prof Marie Fox Liverpool Law School.

3.30 – Tea Break.

4,00 – ‘Not drowning, paddling’: the English Court’s slow row towards genital autonomy.
James Chegwidden Barrister, London.

4.40 – Getting the message out.

7.00 – Dinner and Murder Mystery evening: Who killed the Doctor?

Day Two | Thursday, 15 September 2016
Politics and Activism
Introduced and chaired by Richard Duncker.

9.30 – Activism, media and change in Iceland.
Kitty Anderson Chair, Intersex Iceland.

10.10 – State Responses to Intersex Embodiment; Challenges and Opportunities.
Dr Mitchell Travis School of Law, University of Leeds and Dr Fae Garland Law School, University of Exeter.

10.50 – Coffee break.

11.20 – Cultural v. cosmetic surgery: Challenging the Distinction.
Dr Clare Chambers Faculty of Philosophy – University of Cambridge.

12.00 – Panel discussion moderated by Prof Michael Thomson.

12.40 – Lunch.

1.50 – “FGM – can it ever be acceptable?”
Dr Ann-Marie Wilson Executive Director and founder of 28 Too Many, London.

2.30 – Developments in Finland and Nordic countries.
Tuomas Kurttila Children’s Ombudsman, Finland.

3.10 – Tea break.

3.40 – Council of ex-Muslims and their role in changing minds.
Maryam Namazie Political activist.

4.10 – First do no harm: variations on a theme.
Dr Antony Lempert Secular Medical Forum.

5.00 – End of day.
5.10 – First showing of the trailer for a new film by Brendon Marotta, USA film maker.

7.00 Gala dinner.  Drinks reception in Raven Mason Suite, Keele Hall

Day Three | Friday, 16 September 2016
Consequences: Psychological Harms, Sexual Dysfunction and Pathways to Treatment
Introduced and chaired by Dr Gaye Blake-Roberts.

9.30 – Remembering Jonathan Conte.
Lloyd Schofield

9.40 – Glen Poole. Understanding the pathways to male suicide.
In Glen’s absence this paper will be delivered by Margaret Green

10.20 – Genital cutting and suicide. Is there a relationship?
John Dalton Researcher and Archivist. Genital Autonomy.

11.00 – Coffee break

11.30 – Professional Ethics and Genital Mutilation.
Dr Tommi Paalanen Doctor of Social Sciences and Finnish philosopher, Executive Director of the Sexpo Foundation, Finland.

12.10 – Moving towards a psycho-social framework.
Holly Greenberry Co-Director Intersex UK.

12.50 – Lunch

2.00 – Consequences of FGM and Deinfibulation.
Dr Comfort Momoh MBE Midwife and FGM/Public Health Specialist, Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital, (Keynote speaker)

2.40 – Pathways to treatment.
Porterbrook Clinic

3.20 – Tea break

3.50 – Considering the Psycho-Sexual impact of Circumcision.
Dr H Eli Joubert Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Teaching Fellow (Clinical), University of Surrey

4.30 – Counselling and psychological damage.
Tiina Vilponen Sexpo Foundation, Finland.

5.10 – Rounding off the Symposium. Looking at ways forward.
David Smith Chief Officer, Genital Autonomy.

5.30 – Symposium closes.

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