About GA

Genital Autonomy is an advocacy organisation working with groups seeking an end to non-therapeutic genital surgery on children whether they are intersex, female or male. Its objects are:

1. To promote, preserve and protect the health and well being of male, female and intersex children by protecting them from unnecessary genital surgery or modification.

2. To promote the human rights of children in relation to genital modification (as set out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) throughout the world be all or any of the following means:

A. Relieving need among victims of Human Rights abuse;
B. Raising awareness of Human Rights issues;
C. Research into Human Rights issues that recognises the autonomy of diverse individuals;
D. Contributing to the sound administration of law, policy and practice consistent with Human Rights.

We work to protect children everywhere from unnecessary genital surgery.

Click here to read about the origins of the International Child symbol.

“Unnecessary genital surgery on babies is said to be cheaper and easier than on adults. All abuse of babies is easier. They are powerless and history will judge us by how we protect the powerless. I say let the children decide for themselves – all in good time.” – Paul Mason, then Commissioner for Children, Tasmania, Australia & Patron of GA.