On Tuesday 16th January 2018 Genital Autonomy will be holding a workshop at Keele University, Staffordshire, UK entitled Understanding the psychological harm of male circumcision.

This workshop is designed to explore the psychological harm experienced by men who have been circumcised, either as a baby, child or adult. This damage is often trivialised and goes unrecognised by health care professionals, family and friends, and sometimes by the individual himself.

Research has shown that symptoms of PTSD are often present in circumcised men, sometimes for life. It can present as, or trigger, a multitude of other psychological conditions, such as OCD, agoraphobia or depression. The aim of the workshop is to enable counsellors to recognise the specific symptoms not always acknowledged by the client, and to help professionals provide an appropriate response.

Genital Autonomy has sourced speakers from 15 Square, which is the leading specialist charity in the UK dealing with this issue. 15 Square has an extensive archive of correspondence from damaged men, but has always struggled to find counsellors who can deal appropriately with the specific harm.

Introductory morning sessions will feature presentations by knowledgeable speakers on topics related to non-therapeutic genital surgery.

The day will include talks from men who have been affected, recounting their personal experiences about the harm and lack of sympathetic help. Following this will be an open forum discussion about the issues raised and potential responses from counsellors.

There are many men who would benefit from a series of sessions with counsellors, who are trained to deal with their particular damage. Genital Autonomy is hoping to compile a register of accredited counsellors and therapists who have attended one of our training sessions and are equipped to deal with this subject.

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