Genital Autonomy 2012

12th International Symposium
Law, Genital Autonomy and Children’s Rights

30th  September – 2nd October 2012  Helsinki, Finland

This three-day symposium will consider the legal and human rights issues addressing sexual well-being and non-therapeutic genital surgeries on male, female and intersex children.

This symposium is designed for professionals working in the fields of human rights, health and social care, education, law and ethics, child protection, multiculturalism and mental health. The symposium will also be of interest to legislators and politicians.

This symposium will cover the following key areas:

Legal issues surrounding unnecessary genital surgery on children.
An overview of international legislative developments.
An understanding of the issues faced by ethnic minorities and people with disabilities.
Raising awareness and educational level of the general public.
Holistic health and healing.

There will be an optional day of workshops following the programme. The day will expand on topics covered in the symposium, help delegates internalise the experience and explore ways of achieving global interventions..

The outcomes of the symposium will be:

Actions that must be taken to ensure full compliance with the United Nations   Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Creation of inter-continental alliances and taskforces.
Development and global application of child protection strategies.

Confirmed speakers include Sami Aldeeb Abu-Sahlieh, Gert Van Dijk, Morten Frisch, and Paul Mason.